After many years of collaboration, Dr. Patricia Fisher, Clinical Psychologist, and Françoise Mathieu, Certified Mental Health Counsellor, have joined forces to create TEND, an organization dedicated to creating cutting-edge and effective resources that address the effects of stressful, traumatic and challenging workplaces and lives. Please visit us at TENDAcademy.ca where you will find all of the resources created by both Dr. Patricia Fisher and Françoise Mathieu in one place. For folks who have already purchased e-learning products from Fisher & Associates, you can now login from the homepage of TENDAcademy.ca Thank you, and we looking forward to continuing to TEND to you and your organizations.
We would be honored to TEND to you.
Dr. Patricia Fisher, R.Psych., L.Psych., & Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., CCC

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General Enquiries: info@tendacademy.ca

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